Intimidating Bagpipes.

Last time, on DM vs. GM, we announced that we would be doing a 5e game run by DM Sarah and played by GM Troy (me). This is the first episode in that series. Sarah will be running Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Over the course of this series I will take a party of first level adventurers through the machinations of mad dragons.

In this episode we create the first character in the party, a Dragonborn with some interesting twists. In the coming days we’ll be posting the rest of our characters to the DM vs. GM blog.

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Derpy Dragons

In our exciting second episode we talk about… STUFF
Specifically Dice, Minis, Terrain, Cards, Props, Music, DM Screens, and any other knick knacks you might have at your gaming table. Additionally we tease the rules to the 1-on-1 Realplays we will be starting next episode.

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Snacks Were a Bad Idea

DM Sarah and myself decided it would be a good idea to start off our first episode by giving a bit of background on the two of us, the games we’ve played, our genre preferences, and our play styles. Specifically, this episode answers the big question “What got you into running Roleplaying Games?” And no, we aren’t sponsored by Swedish Fish.

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